Catalysts are absolutely essential to every process involved in the chemical or fuels industries, environment protection-related industries and energy-related industries.

JEF-TEC can provide the analysis service for identifying and quantifying the compositions of metal catalysts and impurities and residues for research and development of the new catalysts and its use for product manufacture.

Analysis of Catalysts for Automotive Exhaust Gas

Catalysts for automotive exhaust gas play a very important role in reducing the exhaust gas emitted by vehicles responsible for release of major pollutants into the atmosphere in the modern society.

For analysis of catalysts for automotive exhaustive gas on ceramic supports JEF-TEC uses decomposition processes such as pressure decomposition and microwave decomposition frequently used in the sample preparation of persistent substances, ensuring collection of reproducible data in analysis of the catalysts.

Analysis of Catalysts for Chemical Synthesis

Catalysts are very important in synthesis of various chemical substances including pharmaceutical products. The function of catalysts such as increase of the reaction rate and the product selectivity largely depends on the chemical composition so that accurate analysis of the catalyst composition is critical in its performance evaluation. JEF-TEC can provide the accurate chemical analysis of catalysts to assist the evaluation of its performance.

JEF-TEC also provide the analysis service for the residual metal in the catalysts used in synthesis of pharmaceutical products because there is a potential hazard to human health of the residual metal regulated by ICH Q3D Guideline.

Analysis of Catalysts for Fuel Cells

Noble metals are often used as the catalyst component in fuel cells and accurate analysis of the noble metal catalysts is very critical for assessing and managing the performance and the cost of the fuel cell system. JEF-TEC can service client's needs in this field.

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