On-site Analysis

JEF-TEC can provide the analytical service by moving analysis instruments from labs to the site where the clients need the analysis.

JEF-TEC also offers establishment of the optimum on-site analysis system the client needs.

On-Site Analysis of Metals

On-Site Analysis of Metals

JEF-TEC can provide the on-site analysis of metals with no delay and without cutting out the sample.

JEF-TEC can analyze various metals from identification of the dissimilar metals used in a bolt to identification of components in large-span spatial structures.

JEF-TEC is equipped with GreenFACT® apparatus, a portable spark optical emission spectrophotometer and a portable fluorescent X-ray analyzer, both of which are easily carried on the site to meet the client needs for analysis.

Request for on-site analysis and sale of portable analysis instruments

JEF-TEC is ready to visit and perform the on-site analysis anywhere in Japan.

JEF-TEC not only offers the on-site analysis service but also sells the GreenFACT® apparatus, a portable spark optical emission spectrophotometer.Please don't hesitate to contact us to know the detail of the on-site analysis as well as the new apparatus.

On-Site Analysis of Soil

On-Site Analysis of Soil

JEF-TEC has a proven track record on the analysis of various materials which is used to establish the rapid and highly accurate analysis method on soil.

JEF-TEC is ready to perform the on-site analysis of soils as the client needs,

The JEF-TEC's analysis technique on soil was selected on April 25 2006 by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as the £Simple-Rapid Analysis Method for Study of Soils Contaminated with Heavy Metals¤ after submitting this method to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in FY 2005.

Positive Material Identification Testing

Positive Material Identification (PMI) is the analysis of metal alloys used in parts in plants and in soldering joints to establish whether or not its composition matches the specified qualities.

In recent years more companies are requesting the PMI testing of the metal alloys which are used in oversea facilities.

JEF-TEC is ready to perform the PMI testing at the on-site using a portable fluorescent X-ray analyzer.

JEF-TEC can also prepare the report of PMI testing in English.

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