Outsourcing of Client's Process Analysis Service

Accurate analysis in processes is essential for manufacture of products with consistent quality and at low cost.

JEF-TEC proposes the clients to outsource the service of various process-related analyses as contract testing labs. This service can quickly provide the clients reproducible analytical results with high accuracy and precision as well as minimizes the fluctuation of service quality with cost reduction in manufacture processes.

JEF-TEC can respond to the client needs with short notice and performs the analysis on the same day as for inquiry.

Scheme for Outsourcing the Analysis Service

  • To confirm the client needs such as the analysis accuracy and precision and cost

  • To propose the analysis system from sample shipment to reporting of analysis results.
  • To propose development of a new analysis method if appropriate test method is not available.

  • Optimization of the analysis system after several preliminary testing.

  • JEF-TEC flexibly responds to the client needs even if unexpected situation occurs after starting the outsourcing analysis service.

Outsourcing of the analysis service can avoid purchase of expensive analysis instruments and hiring and training of analysis experts, thereby saving the cost.

Example of Process Analysis

Track Record of Process Analysis by JEF-TEC

  • Establishment of the analysis system for foreign companies operated in Japan
  • Establishment of the analysis system for products imported to Japan
  • Analysis of residual agrochemicals in foods
  • Shipping inspection of steel products
  • Judgment of quality of non-ferrous products to meet the specifications.
  • Quality analysis of various raw materials
  • Analysis of impurities in highly pure metals (quality assurance)
  • Analysis of materials for medical device for quality assurance
  • Composition analysis of surface treatment agents
  • Monitoring of impurity concentration in pure water
  • Monitoring of hazardous substances in atmosphere

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss the analysis of materials not listed above.

Scheme of Process Analysis

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