Analysis and Test on Product Safety

In everyday consumer products demand not only for higher functionality and reduction of cost but also for higher safety is increased in recent years.

JEF-TEC can perform various tests for identifying potential hazards involved in product usage to evaluate risks, and its findings are communicated with the clients to for production of better and safer products.

Generation & Behavior Analysis of Particulate and Chemical Substances


In recent years there is a concern with the health effects of fine particulate matter (a few nm) and fine chemical substances represented by PM2.5.

The analysis of its formation and behavior is essential to evaluate its effects on human health and the environment.

JFE-TEC can analyze fine chemical substances in the electric and electronic equipment and ultra-fine particles formed in pulverization and deterioration of the nanomaterial-contained products in the simulated condition to the real workplace and work processes, thereby contributing to produce the pleasant environment.

Study on exhaust gas and the atmospheric environment

Nickel Elution Test (Complied with EN1811)

Nickel Elution Test (Complied with EN1811)

Nickel products are known to cause adverse effects on human health and prolonged contact of nickel products with the skin causes sensitization, nickel allergy and in severe cases even nickel dermatitis.

EU therefore started restriction of the use and marketing of nickel products which come into direct or prolong contact to the skin such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and chains, anklets, finger ring.

The amount of nickel eluted in the elution test (not nickel content) has to be determined according to EN1811. The elution test is required to know whether the amount nickel eluted is within the limit of the regulation.

JFE-TEC uses the test method specified in EN 1811 for testing the safety of nickel products.

Testing of materials and products under Green Procurement Standards and regulations by EU and the membered countries

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