Environmental Assessment (Environmental Impact Assessment)

Environmental Assessment

Outline of Environmental Assessment (Environmental Impact Assessment)

"Environmental assessment" is a system in which a business itself, when determining the content of a development project, surveys, predicts and evaluates the effect (impact) of that project on the environment, publicly announces the results of this investigation, hears the opinions of residents, the local government and other stakeholders, and develops a better business plan from the viewpoint of preservation of the environment based thereon. JFE-TEC can assist all business operators in environmental assessments and related work, for example, by carrying out the actual environmental impact assessment and providing support for approval application procedures, utilizing its own wealth of experience in environment-related surveys to date.

When is an Environmental Assessment Necessary?

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Examples of Target Business Activities for Environmental Assessment Work

The objects of environmental assessments based on the Environmental Impact Assessment Law are 13 types of businesses, such as highway, power plants, etc. of a certain scale or larger.
In assessments under local government regulations, the object types of businesses/scale of projects are specified by each local government.

Laws Related to Environmental Assessments (Examples)

We can perform the necessary procedures for implementation of a project, including applications for approval, reporting, etc. based on the relevant laws and ordinances, beginning with laws and regulations related to the environment, and also including laws related to prevention of air, water quality, noise, vibration, odor and other forms of pollution, as well as laws concerning safety, waste, greening, landscape, city planning, construction, etc.

Content of Environmental Assessment Work

Environmental assessments include surveys (documentary investigation, site survey) to grasp the current condition of the environment in the area around the planned project site, prediction of the effects of implementation of the project on the environment, and a total environmental assessment based on the results of these studies.
During this process, JFE-TEC can also prepare/explain the documentation of the study plan and prediction results.

Flow of Investigation/Prediction/Evaluation (Example: Air Quality)

Taking air quality as an example, we determine the conditions related to sources of exhaust gas and also collect data on the local weather and air quality. Using these results, we calculate the diffusion of pollutants in the atmosphere, and compare the future ground level concentration with environmental protection targets.

Case Studies of Prediction Results

Here, we present examples of various types of predictions in actual environmental assessments, such as the effect of the exhaust gas from a facility and exhaust gas from related vehicles traveling on highways, the effects of noise and vibration of a facility and vehicles, effect on traffic, effect of a facility on electromagnetic interference, obstruction of sunlight, wind damage and effect on the landscape, etc.

Record of Environmental Assessments

JFE-TEC has an extensive record which includes regulatory assessments, assessments based on Japan's Waste Disposal Law (Waste Management and Public Cleansing Law) and other assessments, as well as confirmation of environmental and social considerations in other countries. Of these, the largest number is for assessments based on the Waste Disposal Law.

Flow of Assessment Procedure (Example)

Although the procedures of legal assessments and regulatory assessments differ slightly, the assessment procedure basically consists of the stage of planning/deciding the assessment method, the stage of survey/measurement work, and the stage of hearing opinions on the results of the environmental impact evaluation.

Environment-Related Topics

Here, we introduce events which may affect environmental assessments, such as revisions of environment-related laws.

When Is An Environmental Assessment Necessary?

When studying the new construction of a facility or a change in a facility, the necessary procedures will differ depending and the type, scale, etc. of the facility. To meet the client's specific needs, JFE-TEC responds to each consultation individually.

Environmental Assessment/Administrative Response Work

Utilizing ourwealth of experience in environment-related studiesto date, we can assist all businesses in environmental assessments and related work by carrying out the actual environmental impact assessment, providing support for work related to applications for approval, etc.

Various Types of Environmental Assessments and Related Work

  • Environmental Impact Assessments Based on Environmental Impact Assessment Law
  • Environmental Impact Assessments/Post Facto Assessments Based on Local Government Regulations
  • Support for Applications for Approval of Waste Treatment Facility Installation Based on Waste Disposal Law
  • Support for Applications for Approval Based on Building Standards Act
  • Support for Reports/Applications Based on Other Environment-Related Laws and Ordinances
  • Environment-Related Fact-Finding Investigations
  • Environmental Simulations
  • Others (Database Creation, Environmental Assessments for Overseas Projects, Etc.)

Staff with Qualifications Related to Environmental Assessments

Technical Qualification
Doctor of Engineering Consulting Engineer Certified Environmental Measurer
Pollution Control Manager (Air Class 1) Pollution Control Manager (Water Class 1) Qualified Person For Energy Manager
Odor Judgment Technician Work Environment Measurement Expert Fundamental Information Technology Engineer

Element Technologies of Environmental Assessments

Environmental Analysis

>Environmental  Analysis

Analysis of environmental air, water quality, noise, vibration, odor, analysis of substances of concern, etc.

Chemical Analysis

Chemical Analysis

Analysis of various types of chemicals, etc.

Soil Surveys

Soil Surveys

Surveys of soil environment, etc.

Numerical Analysis (CAE)

Simulations, etc.


Noise, vibration, etc.

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