Resin/Composite Materials

Resin/Composite Materials

Outline of Evaluation of Resin/Composite Materials

JFE-TEC provides total solutions in line with wide-ranging clients' needs, including material development of structural (strength) members, structural design of members, manufacturing processes, analysis of the causes of failure/defects under use environments, nondestructive testing, life prediction, etc. of resin materials and composite materials used in cars (automobiles, railway), ships, aircraft, electronic equipment and others.

Evaluation of Resin/Composite Materials

Composition Analysis/Structural Analysis of Resin/Composite Materials

JFE-TEC performs commissioned composition analysis and structural analysis using the wide variety of analytical techniques possessed by this Company.

Analysis Items

Investigation/Analysis of Cause of Defects of Resin/Composite Materials

Investigation/analysis of the cause of defects of resins, rubbers, molded parts, lubricating oils and organic/inorganic composite materials is possible.

Investigation/Analysis Items

  • Analysis of failure/damage of resin/composite materials JFE-TEC can provide services including fracture surface analysis (fractography), and analysis of micro-deposits/foreign substances, etc.
  • Evaluation of deterioration state of resin/composite materials Analysis/evaluation of various deterioration phenomena caused by use environments.
  • Deterioration diagnosis and life prediction of resins/composite materials Service-life prediction of a part of materials is possible based on evaluation of the deterioration conditions.

Strength Evaluation of Resin/Composite Materials

JFE-TEC evaluates the strength of materials and members of resin/composite materials.

Evaluation items

  • Raw material strength evaluation
    JFE-TEC performs various types of commissioned strength tests of raw materials, including tensile/compressive strength, creep strength, fatigue strength, etc., as well as hardness tests, fracture toughness tests, etc.
  • Member strength evaluation
    JFE-TEC also performs commissioned testing of members, such as dynamic crush tests, large-scale structural tests, etc. of member shapes.

Evaluation of Joints of Heterogeneous Materials

We perform evaluations of resin/composite materials and heterogeneous material joints.

Evaluation Items

  • Joint strength evaluation
  • Joint structural analysis
  • Joint failure analysis
  • Joint fatigue strength

Case Study Files

Weatherability /Corrosion Resistance Evaluation of Resins /Composite Materials

Evaluation of the weather resistance and corrosion resistance of resin/composite materials.
Evaluation of the weather resistance and corrosion resistance of resin/composite materials.

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Nondestructive Testing of Resin/Composite Materials

Measurement and visualization of the material properties of resin/composite materials by nondestructive techniques.

Property Evaluation of Resins/Composite Materials by Numerical Analysis

Analysis of the material properties of resin/composite materials by numerical analysis (CAE).

Evaluation of Properties of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics)

CFRP Property Evaluation Menu

JFE-TEC provides solutions for evaluation of the properties of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) from various angles.

Property Evaluation Items

  • Raw material strength evaluation
  • High speed deformation characteristics evaluation
  • Creep characteristics evaluation
  • Fatigue characteristics evaluation
  • Failure analysis
  • Weatherability evaluation
  • Structural analysis

Element Technologies of Resin/Composite Materials Evaluation Solutions

Physical analysis

Physical analysis

Structural analysis of composite materials such as CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics), etc.

Chemical analysis

Chemical analysis

Identification of matrix resin by FT-IR, GC-MS, etc. and related services.

Material/member strength evaluation

Material/member strength evaluation

Static/dynamic strength tests, fatigue tests, creep tests, fracture toughness tests, large-scale structure tests, etc.

Investigation/analysis of cause of defects

Investigation/analysis of cause of defects

Investigation and analysis of cause of nonconformance of resins, rubbers, molded parts, lubricating oils and organic/inorganic composite materials.

Loading tests of large-scale structures and members

Compression test of CFRP members, etc.

Nondestructive testing

Nondestructive testing

Color identification, compounding ratio testing of resin molded parts, measurement of film thickness distribution, measurement of surface strain of resins and films, etc.

Numerical analysis (CAE)

Numerical analysis (CAE)

Evaluation of the strength and impact properties of resin products.

Weatherability evaluation

Weatherability evaluation

Weather meter test, atmospheric exposure test, etc.

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