Environmental Analysis

We help create environments for people to spend time (live) safely, securely, and comfortably through environmental research and analysis.

JFE Techno-Research Corporation conducts various kinds of environmental research and analysis originally for iron manufacture and plants, and now utilizes the knowledge, the experience, and the most-advanced equipment and technological capabilities cultivated for many years to help protect living environments, working environments, and global environments such as atmosphere, water quality, soil, etc.

Environmental Analysis Items

Investigation of exhaust gas and environmental atmosphere

  • Dioxins (DXN)
  • Air pollutants (SOx, NOx, dust, HCl, etc.)
  • Particulates in atmosphere (PM2.5)

Investigation of waste

  • PCB wastes
  • General wastes (characteristics of wastes, etc.)
  • Industrial wastes (burnt residues, dust, waste oil, sludge, PCB, etc.)
  • Slag
  • Classification of wastes

Investigation of working environments

Investigation of noise, vibration, and odor

  • Noise and vibration
  • Odor (bad smell)
  • Regulation by Offensive Odor Control Law

Investigation of asbestos

  • Investigation of buildings
  • Investigation of asbestos in the air
  • Analysis of spraying materials and asbestos in building materials
  • Regulations on asbestos
  • Work procedure for dismantling, etc. of buildings containing asbestos

Analysis of dioxins

  • Environmental investigation
  • Investigation of emission amount (exhaust gas, drainage water)
  • Test, investigation
  • Target facilities, standard values, etc. according to the Act on Special Measures concerning Countermeasures against Dioxins

PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) analysis

  • PCB wastes
  • Microanalysis of PCB in insulating oil
  • Analysis of PCB in organic pigment
  • Analysis of PCB in sealing materials for building
  • Analysis of PCB in waste paint

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