Analysis of Residual Antibiotics in the Environment and Foods

JFE-TEC can perform multicomponent simultaneous measurements of by LC/MS/MS.

JEF-TEC's Strength in Analysis of Environment-Related Substances

  • JEF-TEC has expertise and experience with the quantitative analysis of hazardous substances in the environment using the most advanced analysis equipment.
  • JEF-TEC can provide the analysis service for water from various sources such as seawater, river water, drinking water, and wastewater as well as the food related products.
  • Please don't hesitate to contact us for finding what type of the analysis service JEF-TEC can offer.

JEF-TEC's Strength in Analysis of Environment-Related Substances

Analysis Examples of Drugs

Analysis examples of drugs Analysis method
Sulfa drugs LC/MS/MS
  • Antibiotics are commonly used and very important for our health. The Food Sanitation Law regulates some of antibiotics used in the veterinary drugs, but its environmental impact is not well understood when released in the environment.
  • JEF-TEC can analyze the following drugs by the liquid chromatograph tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS).

Analysis Examples

  • Quality analysis of river water and wastewater
  • Solid samples such as animal meat

Analysis Method (Example)

Example of water quality analysis

Example of water quality analysis

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