FIB Equipped with Cryo-function that Alleviates Processing Damage

Due to equipment with the cryo-function, it is possible to process and observe samples susceptible to damage.

Overview of Dual-Beam FIB Device Equipped with Cryo-Function

Due to integration of a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and a focused ion beam (FIB) processing device into one, it is possible to prepare a sample for transmission electron microscopy while conducting observations at a magnification of several tens of thousands. Owing to equipment with the cryo-function, the device has come to be able to be widely applicable to processing of materials susceptible to damage, such as polymers and compound semiconductors.

Main Features

Appearance of whole machine

Appearance of whole machine

  • Mild processing enables sample preparation with little damage.
    FIB minimum accelerating voltage: 500 V
    SEM resolution: 1.2 nm (30 kV), 3.4 nm (1 kV)
  • Cryo-function enables processing with suppressed damage.
    Minimum freezing temperature: -192˚ C (by circulation of liquid nitrogen cooling gas)
  • Abundant optional functions
    Transfer vessel (non-exposure to atmosphere)
    3D-SEM (slicing and view)
    Low vacuum SEM mode, environment SEM mode

Effect of FIB Processing with Cryo-Function on Gan-Based Compound Semiconductor

Even such materials as susceptible to damage can be observed with little damage if they go through FIB processing while being cooled. It is recognized that by conducting FIB processing while cooling the subject using cryo-function, the damage as seen on the whole plane in room-temperature processing is not found and the lamination structure of GaN-based compound semiconductor can be clearly observed.

STEM-ABF image of lamination film of GaN-based compound semiconductor

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