Inline Print Density Monitor

JFE-TEC provides an inline system that monitors the print density of patterns using a hyperspectral camera (ImSpector), which is equivalent in performance to several hundred units of spot-type spectroscopes.

Mounted on a printing machine, this monitor measures print densities in real time with accuracy much higher than that of the human eye and indicates the measured data.

It can also monitor colors printed on transparent materials such as films.

Overview of the Inline Print Density Monitor

The traditional spectrophotometric colorimeters are based on spot analyzing and therefore can measure only one point at a time. This means that they cannot measure multiple points without a transfer mechanism.

Like a line sensor, a hyperspectral camera (ImSpector) captures spectra simultaneously at more than 1,000 points like a line sensor to calculate the colors based on the captured spectra. This enables it to make measurements in a shorter time without being actuated.

While the RGB scheme used by a color line sensor measures the intensity of each of R (red), G (green), and B (blue) at each measurement point (three pieces of data), the spectrophotometric colorimetry used by the ImSpector measures the intensity of the light at each wavelength in the wavelength range from 380 to 780 nm (256 to 1,024 pieces of information).

With these many pieces of information, the device evaluates the print density with high accuracy and outputs data for control.

The scheme used by the hyperspectral camera can directly make measurements using the pattern sections of printed matter, requiring no color bar (patch) for print density measurement.

(Note that for patch printing, the device can measure patch sections.)

A single unit of ImSpector can handle paper with a width of up to 1,040 mm (for A4-sized paper).

The product records and stores all obtained color calculation results as files, which can be effectively used for tracing, quality assurance, maintenance, and other purposes.

The software allows you to specify the acceptable range of print densities. This even allows you to configure the product to detect print density levels that nearly go beyond the specified range and output an alarm signal in order to prevent defectives.

JFE Techno-Research is responsible for manufacturing and providing the monitor. We propose an optimal system according to the measurement object (e.g., density level of printed patterns and color printed on a film) or your printing machine.

Basic Specifications of the Device

Spectroscope: Hyperspectral Camera ImSpector V8
Measurement wavelength range: 380 to 780 nm
Wavelength resolution: 5nm
Number of bands 81 bands
Parameters that can be determined by calculation: RGB, XYZ, L*a*b*, CMYK, and difference in color from the prescribed reference point
Measurement head dimensions: 100 (W) × 100 (D) × 300 (H) mm

Examples of Screen Views

Standard view (all key density view) Standard view (all key density view) Color-by-color view (all key density view) Color-by-color view (all key density view) Key-by-key trend graph (color-by-color view) Key-by-key trend graph (color-by-color view)

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