Testing (Material Property Evaluation)

Material Property Evaluation

Outline of Material Property Evaluation Services

JFE-TEC performs commissioned testing/investigation of the properties and use technologies of a wide range of materials, products and structures, including iron and steel, nonferrous metals (aluminum, copper, titanium, etc.), high alloys, rubbers, plastics, etc. Our team of specialists can assist in new product R&D, construction methods and manufacturing technologies (monodzukuri), technical problem-solving in connection with actual processes, investigation of the properties of materials/products and evaluation of the soundness of structures.

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Material Testing

JFE-TEC performs various types of testing, including property investigation, microstructure investigation, etc. by sampling test pieces in order to evaluate the mechanical properties, physical properties, surface qualities, etc. of a diverse range of materials.

Material Testing

Evaluation Tests of Parts

  • Tensile tests of parts
    Various types of evaluation tests
  • Compression tests of parts
  • Fatigue tests of parts
  • Investigation of automotive body materials
  • Other investigations
    Testing is not limited to the types mentioned above. JFE-TEC also performs investigation/evaluation of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, magnetic characteristics, residual stress, etc.
    • Evaluation of strength characteristics of actual bolts
    • Shear testing of joint parts

Investigation of Failure

We investigate the causes of failure/defects of materials/products based on the mechanical properties when trouble occurred.

Trial Manufacture of Materials (Melting/Rolling/Heat Treatment)

  • Trial manufacture of materials
    For iron and steel, stainless steel, and high alloy steel, JFE-TEC performs melting and adjustment to the desired composition in the vacuum furnace, and forming of flat materials by rolling. Various types of heat treatment, such as quenching, tempering, etc., are also possible.
  • Trial working
    Various types of materials are finished to the specified shape by mechanical methods such as cutting, machining, grinding, forging, etc. Welding and drawing are also possible.

Investigation of Materials/Investigations of Properties

JFE-TEC performs commissioned investigations of the material quality of iron and steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals (aluminum, copper, titanium, etc.), high alloys, rubber and plastics.

Loading Tests of Large-Scale Structures and Members

For plant structures and infrastructure (civil works and structures) that supports modern civilization, JFE-TEC evaluates static/dynamic strength, fatigue characteristics, wind resistance, durability, earthquake resistance and other types of performance, and proposes solutions that will ensure client satisfaction.

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