Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

q 1.What do you manufacture?
JFE-TEC is not a manufacturer.
We provide services that help our clients in the manufacturing sector resolve their technical challenges, such as services for analysis, evaluation, testing, failure analysis.
However, we make prototypes (e.g.,reference materials and trial materials by request.
q 2.What can you analyze?
We meet the analysis needs in diverse sectors Please feel free to inquire and let us know what you want to analyze.
q 3.What kind of tests can you perform?
Tests meeting various materials can be performed, including mechanical property evaluation, fracture toughness evaluation, weld performance evaluation, creep test, large-scale structure evaluation, and corrosivity evaluation, weatherability evaluation
Tests in accordance with JIS standards can be performed as well. Please feel free to inquire and let us know the kind of test you need, along with associated information.
q 4.Do you accept orders from individuals?
Our technology services are directed at corporations.
q 5.Can you test or evaluate materials other than metals?
Yes. We have a proven track record in evaluating non-metallic materials.
Example : Resin-Composite Material Evaluation Solutions
q 6.Can you perform tests in accordance with JIS or ASTM standards?
We support tests in compliant with JIS standards. If you have a specific JIS standard number in mind, please let us know when you inquire.
q 7.Which sectors do you support?
We receive inquiries from customers in a wide variety of sectors and have a proven track record in supporting them.
Please inquire, and our representative will make a proposal or let you know if we can meet your request.
q 8.Can you identify the material which is unknown to us?
We can perform composition analysis and identify the content.
Please inquire.
q 9. I have to perform evaluation, but do not know which evaluation method to be used.
Please let us know the details.
We will propose an appropriate method and perform evaluation.
q10.Can you perform a test or analysis not listed on your website?
Some services not listed on the website are available. Please inquire and let us know what you need.
q11.How can I request your service?
Please inquire inquire by filling out and sending an online contact form, describing your request.
We accept telephone calls as well.
Related link : Ordering Procedure
q12.Do you sell Japanese iron and steel reference materials certified by the Japan Iron and Steel Federation (JISF)?
Yes, we sell them.
The products in stock can be viewed at the following site.
Japanese Iron and Steel Certified Reference Materials (JSS):
Please let us know the sample number when you inquire.
q13.Do you sell reference materials other than those certified by the JISF as well?
We offer originally developed reference materials, as listed in the following site.
JFE-TEC original standard reference materials (JSM):
We also provide custom-made reference materials. If you need anything not listed above, please inquire.
q14.I want to know details about analysis (or testing) you can perform.
Our analysis or testing is performed at different locations, depending on the type of analysis.
Please inquire, and our representative in your local region will contact you.
q15.Where does the analysis (or test) take place?
Our analysis or test is performed at different locations, depending on the type you are inquiring about.
Equipment suited to your request will be used.
q16.I have an urgent order for evaluation. How fast can you perform it?
It depends on the type of evaluation you request and the availability of the equipment used for the evaluation.
Please inquire, and our representative will tell you how long it will take.
q17.How much do you charge?
It depends on the type of evaluation you request.
Please inquire and let us know what kind of evaluation you wish to request or be done. We will give you a quote.
q18.Can you send me a quote?
Please let us know the specifications and other information needed for quotation, and we will send you a quote.
q19.How will my request be handled?
Please refer to the following page, where you can find how your request will be processed.
Ordering Procedure:
If you have any questions, please inquire us through e-mail.
q20.Do you process specimens for observation with the microscope?
We offer preprocessing needed for observation with the electron microscope.
Comprehensive services that cover everything from processing to observation and analysis are available.
q21.Can you process specimens for material testing?
It depends on the type of the test you need and the material to be tested. Please inquire.
q22.Do you have a sales office or evaluation center near us? We want to discuss details.
The location of the office to support you depends on the requested service. Please inquire, and our representative will contact you and arrange a meeting.
Our sales offices and business sites are listed on the following pages.
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