Composition Analysis

JEF-TEC can provide the information on what type and how much of each element is present in the sample provided from clients.

While there are various analytical methods for quantification of unknown elements, JFE-TEC has expertise and experience in selection of an analytical method optimum to the sample provided from clients. JFE-TEC can provide the analysis of a wide range of materials listed below.

Metals and Alloys

JFE-TEC uses a variety of analysis techniques to determine the composition of metals and alloys and the instruments for their analysis include spark optical emission spectroscopy (OES) metal analyzers, X-ray fluorescent analyzers, UV-VIS spectrometers, and mass spectrometers.


JEF-TEC has expertise and experience with sampling of the materials without exposure to ambient atmosphere and with the trace analysis of the materials in very small quantity for characterizing the battery materials and provides the analysis of the materials with a higher degree of accuracy and precision even at very low concentration.

Electronic Materials and Semiconductor Materials

JEF-TEC offers a support for the selection of materials and the design of the electronic devices and semiconductors as well as performs the failure analysis of the electronic devices and offers remediation solutions.


JEF-TEC can identify and quantify the compositions of metal catalysts, impurities and residues in development of the new metal catalysts for manufacturing of products over the new catalysts

Ceramics and Inorganic Materials

JEF-TEC's hands-on knowledge and experience in analysis of raw materials for ironmaking and steelmaking is applied to analysis of ceramics and inorganic materials with a quickly response to the client's needs.

Organic and Polymer Materials

In analysis of organic and polymer materials slight difference in the molecular structure is utilized to identify the type of the material comprised.

Medical Devices and Medicinal Drugs

JEF-TEC can perform the elution test of materials used in medical devices and in implants for judging the biocompatibility of the materials and the analysis of impurities in medicinal drugs and supports the clients to submit relevant documents to the regulatory agencies for approval as well as to implement a research and development program.


JEF-TEC provides not only the testing service such as the identification of foreign material contamination in foods for ensuring the food safety but also the service for quantification of the in-vivo essential trace elements and the evaluation of the "odor" substance and the "aroma"substance, thereby contributing to improve "health and safety".

Various Regulated Substances (Substances with Green Procurement Requirements)

JEF-TEC can provide analytical services of various hazardous substances with potential environmental impact such as Green Procurement regulated substances and European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) regulated substances.


JEF-TEC can provide analysis service other than those listed above. Please contact us.

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