Ultra-Trace Elemental Analysis of the Silicon-On-Insulator Wafer for High Performance Devices And Silicon Carbide (Sic) Wafer for High Performance Power Electronic Devices

Highly Sensitive Trace Quantitative Analysis of Metal Impurities on the Surface of the Sic Wafer

  • Trace amounts of contaminants on the surface of the SiC wafer have adverse effects on the performance of power electronic devices. JEF-TEC can provide the quantitative analysis service of these contaminants which are critical for the evaluation of the surface cleanliness.
  • JEF-TEC uses the most advanced analysis technique for ultra-trace amount of impurities in the qualitative and quantitative analysis with high accuracy, sensitivity, and speed of metal impurities on the surface of the silicon semiconductor substrate and wafer materials.

Analysis Example

JET-TEC uses the ICP mass spectrometry for qualitative (semi-quantitative) analysis of 65 elements, followed by the quantitative analysis of the elements specified by the clients.

Depending on the elements to be analyzed the detection limit is around 109 atoms/cm2 to 1012 atoms/cm2 (in analysis of both surfaces of 3 inch thick wafer).

Analysis Procedure

Analysis Procedure
Sample preparation and analysis in a clean room Sample preparation and analysis in a clean room
ICP mass spectrometry analysis (ICP-MS) ICP mass spectrometry analysis (ICP-MS)

Detection Limit In Qualitative (Semi-Quantitative) Analysis

Detection Limit In Qualitative (Semi-Quantitative) Analysis

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