Strain-Controlled Low-Cycle Fatigue Testing of Metallic Materials

Evaluation of Durability of Metallic Materials Against Large Cyclic Deformation

When large cyclic deformation is applied against metallic materials, they may be fractured under cyclic stress less than a few-hundred times.

We will provide evaluation of durability of materials used for various members which receive large cyclic deformation by applying strain-controlled low cycle fatigue testing using specific test specimen.

Test Method

After cutting out a round bar test piece, cyclic strain is controlled by an extensometer (which is a device to measure deformation accurately) attached at the test portion of the test piece and the number of cycles to failure (i.e., fatigue life) is measured.

Test Method1 Test Method2

Example: An example of test result

Study on the relationship between cyclic strain and fatigue life is performed. Change of characteristics until failure (hysteresis loop, stress-strain diagram) can be obtained.

An example of test result_1 An example of test result_2

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