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Package Opening

Package Opening

Observation of Solder Bump by Micro-Focus X-ray Analyzer

Accuracy in nondestructive investigation not only increases accuracy in the following destructive investigation, but enables short TAT in defect analysis. The following example shows the area around a solder bump, which was observed by using a micro-focus X-ray analyzer.
micro-focus X-ray analyzer.

Solder Wettability Test by Meniscograph

"Lead-free" soldering involves a large number of problems which depend on solder wettability, such as the solder composition, flux material, base metal plating conditions, sample shape, etc. The meniscograph method is a dynamic wettability testing method which measures dynamic force (change of force over time) by using a sample on which flux is dispersed as a sample that is immersed to a fixed depth at a constant rate.
Solder Wettability Test by Meniscograph

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