Ceramics and Inorganic Materials

Ceramics with various electrical properties such as conduction, insulation, magnetism, piezoelectric properties, and ferromagnetic properties are called "electroceramics" and are widely used as the electric components of home appliances such as televisions and components of computers, sensors and batteries.

Driven by the need for miniaturization, cost reduction, and enhanced functionality, the field of electroceramics is poised for rapid growth in many new directions leading to high activity in development of new and better ceramic materials.

The properties of ceramics are decided by the chemical elements and their quantity. The analysis of the ceramics with high accuracy and precision is therefore required for development of better ceramic materials and management of product qualities.

JEF-TEC provides the chemical analysis service of not only ceramics but also other inorganic materials using expertise and experience with the analysis of the raw materials in ironmaking and steelmaking.

Analysis of Ceramics

Microwave pressure decomposition instrument Microwave pressure decomposition instrument

Ceramic samples are often difficult to solubilize in preparation of the analyte, but JEF-TEC has expertise and experience with decomposition of the persistent substances using a combination of various decomposition methods such as the acid decomposition under pressure, the microwave acid decomposition under pressure, and the alkali fusion.

JEF-TEC can also discuss with clients and propose the optimum analytical method for the components to be identified and the concentration to be determined from major to trace components.

Analysis of Inorganic Materials

Analysis Examples

JEF-TEC has expertise and experience with the composition analysis in iron ores, coals, cokes, slags, combustion ash, aluminum ash, solid fuels, etc. and therefore provides the composition analysis service.

JEF-TEC has a lot of experience with evaluation of various properties such as heat value, moisture content, ash, and volatile matter content in iron ores, coals, and cokes and with their elemental analysis and can use these expertise for evaluation of the solid fuels.

Examples in Analysis of Inorganic Materials in Relevant Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and Other Standards

Calorie Measuring Unit (by Yoshida Seisakusho Co., Ltd.) Calorie Measuring Unit (by Yoshida Seisakusho Co., Ltd.)

JIS M 8811
JIS M 8812
JIS M 8511
JIS G 2402
JIS R 5202
JIS K 0058
JIS Z 7302
Wooden pellet quality standard

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