Food safety is a big concern because we eat it.

JEF-TEC provides not only the testing service such as the analysis of agrochemical residues in foods and the identification of foreign contaminants in foods for ensuring the food safety but also the service for quantification of the in-vivo essential trace elements and the evaluation of the "odor" substance and the "aroma" substance, thereby contributing to improve "health and safety".

Analysis of Antibiotics, and Analysis of Colorants

Analysis of the in-vivo essential trace elements

Trace Analysis of Essential Components of Living Organisms

According to increase of public awareness of the health benefit JEF-TEC provides the quantitative analysis of the bioactive non-nutrient plant compounds with high antioxidant activity in plants called phytochemicals and the quantitative analysis of the in-vito essential trace elements such as selenium and cobalt to assist better understanding of their effectiveness.

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