Low and High-Temperature Tensile Test

Tensile test under constant humidity and temperature(-40℃ - +250℃)

Outline of Equipment

Equipment type:
AG-100kNX(by Shimazu Corporation)
Cross-head speed:
0.0005-1000 mm/min.
Extensometer type:
DVE-201(video non-contract extensometer)
Accuracy of extensometer:
±6 μm(gauge length of 50 mm and max. elognation of 30%)
Testing temperature:
-40℃ - +250℃(without humidity control)
Humidity control:
10 - 95%(temperature range of 20℃-60℃)


The tensile is carried out while measuring the elongation by a video non-contract extensometer through a window in the thermostatic furnace. Applying video non-contact extensometer, the elongation can be measured to failure of the specimen.

High temperature tensile test between room temperature and 1100℃

Test standards and test specimens

astm e21
"Standard Test Methods for Elevated Temperature tention Tests of Metallic Materials"
astm e8/e8m
"Standard Test Methods for Tention Testing of Metallic Materials"
jis g 0567
"Method of elevated temperature tensile test for steels and heat-resisting alloys"
Pic. ASTM E8M round specimen (φ6 × GL30 mm)
JIS G 0567 I-6 type specimen (φ6 × GL30 mm)
Pic. Jis G 0567 Ⅱ-6 type specimen (φ6 × GL30 mm)

Outline of Equipment

Equipment type:
AG-X Plus 250kN(by Shimazu Corporation)
Diameter of Test specimen:
φ6 × GL30mm, φ8 × GL40mm, φ10 × GL50mm
(Conforms to ASTM E8/E8M)
(Other size is available in consultation)
Heating Method:
Electric furnace
Testing temperature:
Room temperature, 50-1100℃
Pic. Appearance of extensometer mounting

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