Physical Analyses of Environmental Safety

JFE-TEC provides structure analysis techniques necessary for environmental safety evaluations such as environmental load substance and air pollution substance.

Evaluation of Environmental Safety

JFE-TEC conducts analysis of fine particles (shape of fine particles, particle size distribution, material/phase constituting fine particle, concentration/composition, environmental regulation).

Morphological observation/elementary analysis/crystalline structure analysis

  • Observation/particle size distribution evaluation of nano material/nano particles using ULV-SEM/SEM/TEM
  • Analysis of particles dispersed in environment using ULV-SEM/SEM/TEM
  • Measurement of ultra-low concentration asbestos in tap water/environmental atmosphere using TEM and SEM
  • Asbestos quantitative analysis technique (phase contrast microscopy/X-ray diffraction/thermal analysis)

Crystalline structure analysis

  • Identification of particles using X-ray diffraction

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